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  • Provide a platform for interaction and information sharing among all those interested in M&E.
  • Promote high quality intellectual, ethical and professional standards in M&E.
  • Increase the use of M&E theory and practice.
  • Promote the development and adoption of M&E approaches and methods suitable to a South African and development context.
  • Promote post-graduate education and continuing professional development in the field of M&E.
  • Increase the profile of South African M&E at national and international level.
  • Help build understanding of international developments and trends in M&E.
  • Be a resource on M&E in South Africa.


SAMEA has members in every province and encourages the formation of provincial or regional chapters that will offer services such as resource networks, professional development activities, and forums for members to explore, discuss and get involved with evaluation interests.

SAMEA was founded in November 2005 as a non-profit (section 21) association. The association was formed and is governed by a board of directors.