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The use of NLP in MERL

June 2023: Watch the latest Tech-enabled MERL CoP webinar on how to use NLP in MERL.

Mainstreaming climate and ecosystems in all evaluations

April 2023: Missed the SAMEA KZN MERL webinar in April? Not to worry, we have you covered. Click to watch the recording.

Local Govt M&E CoP online launch

April 2023: If you missed the online launch to the Local Govt M&E CoP, click here to view the launch and join this Community of Practice.

SAMEA Tech-Enabled MERL CoP

March 2023: If you are interested in exploring the role technology plays in MERL, click here to watch this CoP's first engagement.

Writing & Publishing for M&E Practitioners

February 2023: The aim of this webinar was to provide participants with the tools, motivation and insight into how to publish one's work in various formats for different audiences. Watch the video to see how Dr Kariuki takes you through the writing and publication process from start to end.

Systemic testing programme in WC

July 2022: Webinar hosted by SAMEA and SAMEA KZN MEL network: Systemic testing programme in the Western Cape.

Applying Deliverology in the WC Provincial Government

May 2022: Webinar hosted by SAMEA and SAMEA KZN MEL network: Applying Deliverology to enhance the performance of 'Game Changer' initiatives in the Western Cape Provincial Government.

Supporting the development and inclusion of EEs

June 2022: If you missed our #gLOCAL2022 webinar on Supporting the Development and Inclusion of EEs, well, we have made it available here. Thank you to everyone who participated in this very successful event. @UNICEF @CLEAR-AA @WFP

Exploring the impact of the global pandemic on evaluation designs

Co-founder and senior evaluator, M&ESURE Research and Evaluation, Ms. Liezel de Waal explored how the global pandemic has affected evaluation designs and the work of evaluators.

Technological Innovation in a Changing World: Rethinking Evaluation in Africa

This webinar will address how technology is shaping data and information mapping today, more so since COVID-19’s arrival.