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  • Contribute to capacity development of M&E professionals.
  • Additional motivated professional human resources for a minimum 6 months at no additional cost to your organization.
  • Fresh/new Insights into the organization.
  • Potential to develop a new employee.

Criteria to Become a Host OrganiSation

  • Willing to host an EE for a minimum of 6 months – either full-time or part-time and deliverable based – in person or remotely - depending on the circumstances.
  • Provide the required resources necessary for work (computer, internet, working space, etc)
  • Provide clear structured ToR that is appropriate for an EE and allows for learning, and capacity development of the EE.
  • Include EE in relevant meetings and office discussions.
  • Provide supervisory support to the EE including coaching, guidance and on-going feedback on work deliverable and an end of assignment assessment.
  • Provide a stipend if placement is longer than 6 months (stipend to be in line with EE programme requirements and will be agreed at the start of the placement)

Application Process

How to get Involved?

  1. Sign up as an Emerging Evaluator and receive notifications of opportunities
  2. Become a Host Organization and host an EE
  3. Participate as a Mentor for an EE
  4. Champion the EE programme in your network – Share the Link. Encourage EEs to apply 
  5. Share ideas with the EE programme secretariat for improvement

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