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M&E Practioner tips blog

Options for advancing careers in M&E: A note to Emerging Evaluators.

This BLOG posting is a particular effort to place a focus on the opportunities offered to Emerging Evaluators but also to provide some options for consideration by young professionals that want to advance their careers.

Useful Data Communication Tools

Data visualization has become very useful to improve how one conveys findings in a manner that is easily understood and useful to the 'consumer' - i.e. the evaluation commissioner or program team. As evaluators, it is important to explore how to build this skill. Below are ways to build skills in data viz and communication, and resources which you can access.

Excel Magic

This handout contains a variety of functions and tricks that can be used for cleaning and analysing data in Excel. This handout refers to data in an Excel file called"ExcelMagic.xlsx".

Little Gems on Public Health

Experts at MEASURE Evaluation develop approaches and conduct research for health information systems strengthening and improved public health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries across the globe. They gather the best of their thinking, results of rigorous evaluations, and innovations grounded in best practice—here delivered in small sound packages to advance understanding and best practice. Listen to expert perspectives on our work in these short podcasts: